The Great Tucson Beer Festival

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“…The Great Tucson Beer Festival is held every fall in central Tucson at Hi Corbett Field, 3400 E. Camino Campestre. The cooler autumn evenings are just perfect for a get together with friends to taste a wide variety and styles of beer brought to you by brewers and breweries from around the Southwest.” -AZBEER.COM

Yeah, they were right. This is what all Arizona (if not all) beerfests should be like. Out of the 3 beerfests put on by AZBEER.COM, The Great Tucson Beer Festival was probably the most worth the money. Not only could you sample over 100 beers, but there were over 30 FOOD samples included as well. They came from local restaurants and chains alike and they were all delicious. Also being at night offered a much cooler experience ( no offense to the Flaggstaff BeerFest) in this vast Arizona desert. The venue was also great as there was plenty of room to walk around, hang out and check out all the games and music.

Now that I’ve been to all 3 beerfests by this organization I can finally name a favorite.  Let’s make a chart for comparison:


  • Light Rail to and fro
  • Takes place at the end of spring
  • Nice view of Tempe Town Lake
  • Other places to party at after the festivities are over


  • Nice “get out of town but not too far” drive
  • Takes place in the middle of summer but isn’t too bad
  • Awesome views of the more greener Arizona landscape
  • Great row of bars/restaurants to check out after the festivities


  • Again, not that far of a drive
  • Middle of summer but at night when it’s decent
  • Free food!!!!
  • Lots of roaming area
  • Bars to check out afterward

I’m gonna have to go with…Tucson! Eventually I would like to see all the beerfests have free food. Also amongst my colleagues it was determined that night time is the way to go. My thanks goes out to AZBEER.COM for putting on such great events and as always I look forward to going to more in the future!

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