Ghouls Night Out 2009

October 4th, 2009 | Filed Under: Car Show -Party | Tags:

The Ghouls Car Club put on another great show this year. With a not too long, not too short drive out to Yuma from Phoenix, all the cars from the Sinners and Los Wiños did great. Once we got there and had a Lute’s “Special” we were all ready for a full day of boozing and looking at cars. The show this year took place at the same park as last year and plenty of cars of all different types showed up. Ten bucks got you as much beer/soda/energy drinks you could drink and as much hamburgers/hot dogs you could eat! The hotel was within stumbling distance as well as The Pub where the after-party was held. I know I had a great time and remembered almost everything. As far as I know everyone else felt the same. A big thanks goes out to The Ghouls Car Club for their hospitality as always. They also showed their appreciation by presenting us with a plaque. This is probably the coolest thing ever!

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