Rattlers C.C. Car Show

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Another year gone by, another Rattlers Car Show gone by. I was the only Wiño to make it out to this one, but fortunately about 10 other Sinners were there to enjoy it with me. We all rolled in to George & Dragon just before sun down to take over the car show and see the collection of other local cars and cycles that showed up. After it got dark it started to get a little too nippy for my tastes. The inside of the bar looked warm enough and of course some booze would help too. Several bands on stage kept the toes tapping and all the ladies kept the jaws dropping. Thanks Rattlers for a good time, we’re looking forward to whatever you come up with next.

Hot Rod Breakfast

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There’s nothing like waking up a little hung over from your company’s Xmas party and heading out to breakfast. This month’s edition of the Hot Rod Breakfast sponsored by Los Wiños took place at the Bill Johnsons Big Apple on 37th St and Van Buren. Wiños Madison, Olsson, Collett, Vanessa and I all took part in what will hopefully become a monthly tradition. The smell of sawdust and biscuits & gravy was a great pick-me-up for such an early morning. I was yearning for a bloody mary to cure my hangover but as it was early I didn’t end up with one until the clock struck 10 AM. Good food, Good company, not too much to write about other than that. I’m hoping this is something that will continue on in the months ahead. Most likely some sort of notice will be going up in the future so keep your eyes peeled if you want to participate.

All Tatted Up and Nowhere To Go

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So last night Wiños Madison, Olsson and I went to this event our buddy Patrick had some sweet photography for sale at. Little to my knowledge there was to be a runway of HOT TATTOOED CHICKS in vintage and custom clothing as well as LINGERIE! I must have fell in love about 80 times. What’s better than hot tattooed chicks, punk rock, metal and DOLLAR SCHLITZ??? NOTHING!!! The Gypsy Queens rocked my socks off. I found some pics courtesy of Bobby Soxer Photography, Check them out myspace.com/bobbysoxer47

New Event

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Check out our Events Page to see what’s coming up in December!

Ghouls CC Yuma Car Show BBQ

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Once again the Ghouls Car Club threw one hell of a bash this weekend. Wiños Madison, Lucas, Olsson, Hammer, Collett and I all headed out early morning to meet up with the Sinners and head to Yuma for the show. All the cars did great which is always a good start. We got there and headed straight for some food and Lute’s Casino was the place to be. We all had “The Special” which blew my mind. Who would have thought a hot dog on top of a cheeseburger could be so awesome. Anyway we met up with the Ghouls at a really great spot along the Colorado River. We parked our cars on the grass right in the middle of the park. $10 all you can eat AND DRINK! You know I was happy. Great cars, great people and over all an awesome time. Most of Los Wiños walked away with prizes and some barely even walked away. Thank god there were accomodations close by. All the cars made it home great as well which ended the weekend on a perfect note. Check Out The Pics

Sinners CC Site Pics

Ghouls Car Club

Sinners CC Hot Rod Party

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So the Sinners Car Club threw a Hot Rod Party and Wiños Madison, Lucas, Jose and I had a great time! Being a member of the Sinners I was just happy to have everyone come together with their cars and have a good time. But when you get all your buddies together and there’s Hot Rods and FREE BEER you have more than a good time. There were great bands (Grave Danger especially), lots of cars (quite a few I haven’t seen around before) and The El Paso Sinners drove into town to enjoy the festivities as well which made everything come together.

Sinners CC AZ

Tour De Fat

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So early October is perfect weather for getting out and riding bicycles with your buddies. What could be better than that? I’ll tell you…A BICYCLE/BEERFEST! Tour De Fat was awesome this year, Wiños Olsson, Lucas, Collett and I managed to get up early enough and get our bikes, our ladies, and other good friends and make it out to Tempe Beach Park for the hugest bicycle parade ever. I felt bad for all those suckers driving around in cars. After the bike parade we adjourned to the beach park for carnival festivities and awesome beer provided by New Belgium Brewery. They had all the favorites to quench our thirsts after the invigorating bike ride. Thanks again New Belgium and we look forward to next year!

Made In The Shade Beer Tasting Festival

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Los Wiños headed up to Flaggstaff for the Made In The Shade Beer Tasting Festival today. The Hammer, Nicole, Elizabeth and I went up in the rain for half the day tasting plenty of delicious micro brews and others that were more well known. Hammer and I enjoyed the darker beers a lot and the ones with a lot of alcohol were the best. We toasted Los Wiños and had a great time. After the rain went away it was just good people and good times. Nice to get out of town and drink. Check Out The Pics!